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The Mathis Group, the parent company for has for over 20 years provided HBCU pennants, flags, and apparel to K-12 schools across the country. Below is a list of the K-12 school systems that The Mathis Group is registered as an authorized vendor. The Mathis Group can be found in each of their respective procurement systems. Schools can visit our Web Site located at site to view over 4500 products to purchase, including our most popular HBCU Pennants and Flags. Feel free to contact us at 1-919-309-9126 or via email at to obtain a specific invoice to assist in your purchase order creation.

  • Anniston (AL) Centralized Schools
  • Buffalo (NY) City Schools
  • Baltimore City Schools
  • Camden (NJ) Schools
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • Dallas Independent School District
  • Dayton Public Schools
  • DC Public Schools
  • Detroit Public Schools (Onvia DemandStar)
  • East St. Louis District 189
  • Hartford (CT) Schools
  • Houston Independent School District (HISD)
  • Indiana Public Schools
  • Jackson (MS) Schools
  • Jasper County (SC) Schools
  • Kansas City (Kansas) Schools
  • Kansas City (Missouri) Schools
  • Los Angeles Unified District
  • Madison Metropolitan School District (Madison, WI)
  • Miami-Dade School System
  • Milwaukee (WI) Public Schools
  • New Haven (CT) Schools
  • New Orleans Recovery School District
  • New York City Public Schools
  • Oakland (Ca) Unified School District
  • Orange (NJ) Board of Education
  • Prince George County (MD) Schools
  • Richmond (VA) Public Schools
  • Rialto (Ca) Unified Schools
  • St. Louis (MO) Schools
  • Stockton, CA Unified School District

In addition, The Mathis Group has shipped pennants to many other schools in cities and states not listed above:
  • Jacksonville (FL) Schools
  • Georgia schools (Augusta, Atlanta, Riverdale, Valdosta, Clark County Schools, etc.)
  • Jackson (MS)
  • Kentucky (MS)
  • Louisiana (Baton Rouge, New Orleans)
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota Schools
  • Nashville, TN Schools
  • Trenton, NJ Schools
  • Oklahoma Schools
  • North Carolina Schools
  • Philadelphia Schools
  • South Carolina Schools
  • Virginia Schools
  • Washington State Schools