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Omega Psi Phi Golf Club Set of Grips

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Price is for a set of 10 grips. Select option to purchase more.

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Independent studies show that golfers who play 18 holes per week should change their grips at least once per year. Similar studies show that golfers who have been playing with worn grips show immediate improvement in their scores after re-gripping - some as much as 3-4 strokes difference. Source SmartTips Expert Advice on If you are going to re-grip each season anyway then why not take the opportunity to re-grip your clubs in the colors of your fraternity or sorority; colors you will never find anywhere else. Our grips are comparable to the grips offered by the major grip suppliers and feature the letters of each organization molded into the grip.

We only make standard grips. Our grips have stretch (like most others) that allows an installer to use less or more grip tape to make them beefier.